Tips for Adding a Bathroom to Your Home

Few additions add more value to your home than a new bathroom, but the idea of altering or extending your plumbing and water system can feel intimidating at first. Fortunately, adding an additional bath doesn’t have to break your budget— or the plumbing. From adding a tiny but practical powder room to luxurious master en suite, here’s how to make a bathroom addition work in any home.

Add a few high-end features: Good news: bathrooms are relatively small, which means you can afford to incorporate high-quality elements like marble or quartz countertops, unique tile, or spa-grade fixtures for the shower or bath. For smaller bathrooms that still need a little glamour, invest in high-quality glass shower doors, large-scale mirrors, or even an opaque window to create the illusion of a larger space.Keep it low maintenance: If you build it, you’ll need to maintain it. A new bathroom can be a beautiful addition to your home, especially if it’s simple to clean, and easy to protect from water damage. Be sure to build or replace existing flooring with low-maintenance glazed tile or sealant-treated stone, which prevents water from leaking into the subflooring. When designing a bathroom with kids or senior adults in mind, look for textured flooring options to prevent slips and falls, or use small tiles to increase your floor’s “grip.”Finding the space: Redirecting water and waste lines or trying to connect new plumbing to an existing structure can get expensive fast, so try and find space within your home that can easily be transformed into an additional bathroom. From adding powder rooms and half baths to an unused corner space to restructuring a hallway closet, there’s rarely a home that can’t accommodate a new bathroom somewhere in the floorplan.   If you are building a new addition, orient additional bathrooms near existing water lines for a less-expensive plumbing bill.Get creative: Other unlikely but great spots for a new bathroom? Within an existing laundry room, at the end of central hallway, and between two bedrooms with adjoining closets. Want to add an en suite? Consider replacing or shrinking your walk-in closet to make room for a new bathroom. And while storage is an important feature in a master or family bathrooms, guest or half-baths can function perfectly well with a space-saving pedestal sink and wall mounted fixtures, making it all the more feasible to build into your existing layout.When it comes to rerouting plumbing, rearranging the wiring, or reframing a new room, you need an expert. Contact us today and let us connect you with the best interior designers, contractors, and builders in the industry, from finding a contractor that understands your vision to navigating the permit process, we’ll help simplify the home renovation process so you can get back to enjoying your home and your new space.

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