You Don't Need a "Monster Home"

Oahu residents and city planners continue their battle against monster homes, which many claim are a drain on natural resources and residential infrastructure.

Regardless of what happens with the ever-changing height restrictions or  limitations on square footage, potential homeowners might want to consider the silver lining behind building or renovating a smaller home.

Instead of seeing a smaller space as a limitation, it’s worth remembering that less square footage actually comes with multiple benefits, especially for Hawaiians negotiating a housing and residential property shortage.

Shorter Build Times, Better Upgrades

It’s pretty simple—the smaller the home, the shorter the construction time. That shorter time frame  also includes  time spent designing the architectural plans, shipping materials, and  getting the required building permits. 

Smaller homes tend to be less complex in terms of design, which make them easier for the  Department of Planning and Permitting to approve. They also require less time and effort in terms of gathering materials, and there’s a lower chance you’ll need to wait for specialty materials to be shipped from the mainland. 

All of this means you’ll be in your new or renovated home faster, but it also means you might be able to add additional upgrades and customizations, since you won’t be spending valuable time and materials on unnecessary bedrooms or transition areas like hallways and landings. 

When it comes to prioritizing the wish list for a dream home, many people would willingly give up the extra square footage in order to create a gourmet kitchen or luxurious ensuite bedroom—all within a shorter time frame. 

Easier Maintenance, Fewer Repairs  

Even new homes require maintenance and repair, but a smaller home means regular maintenance doesn’t need to break the bank. 

From repainting or waterproofing the exterior to maintaining interior finishes, a smaller home means you can keep every area of your home in like-new condition all year long, instead of having to budget for different projects over an extended period of time. 

And in the event of a renovation or a remodel, it will always be cheaper to rewire the electricity or reroute the plumbing of a smaller home, so you can afford to make changes and allow your space to evolve and change over the years to suit your needs. 

One more thing—a smaller home is definitely more energy efficient, but it’s also less costly to  make additional upgrades like solar panels and energy efficient appliances, so you can go green without spending a lot of it. 

Thinking Smaller Means Thinking Smarter

If building a new home or renovating a smaller space seems more appealing than before, it’s time to reach out and see how we can help make the process even easier. 

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