You Should Build a Smaller Home

National building trends indicate a shift toward smaller, more affordable, and more eco-friendly homes. Of course, this trend is a natural fit for Hawaiians, who are accustomed to high housing costs and limited residential building space. But building (or buying) small comes with advantages that just might help you make your next home a little piece of paradise. Forget the old “go big or go home adage.”  Here’s five reasons to embrace small-house living…

1.Smaller homes are perfect for living in warm climates like Hawaii, where the (mostly) good weather allows for plenty of time outside. Including plenty of outdoor living space in your home design is key to enjoying a smaller space, since patios and porches allow you to spend lots of time enjoying Hawaii’s natural beauty at a low construction cost.2.Limiting your square footage means unlimited possibilities for energy efficiency. First, it’s easier to naturally cool and heat smaller homes with well-placed windows for cross-ventilation and natural lighting. The same concept applies if you want to go green with the latest in solar technology energy efficient appliances—it’s always easier and less expensive in smaller spaces. More importantly, you’ll save money long-term when you build with environmental sustainability in mind.3.If your home design requires less building supplies overall, you can customize your home with one-of-a-kind materials that make your new house both unique and personal. Think of it this way: while your kitchen may not be able to feed a small army, you can skip the builder-grade counters and cupboards and design something truly beautiful. Or skip adding a third bathroom in favor of a spa-style master en suite.4.Smaller homes allow you to live closer to downtown areas, beautiful beaches, and great schools. Lot sizes tend to shrink the closer to get to desirable areas, but by reducing the square footage of your future home, you can save money and enjoy every aspect of the Hawaiian lifestyle without a long commute.5.It’s better for your relationships with friends and family. Recent studies indicate that busy families spend more time apart than ever before. With hectic work schedules and extracurricular activities for the kids, it’s harder than ever to spend quality time with the people you love. Close quarters can help bring families together, whether you spend time relaxing in a shared multipurpose room or gathered together on the back patio.When you’re ready go to small and go home, Home Planning Hawaii is here to help. We specialize in helping homeowners find the right builders, architects, and designers to catch your vision (and match your finances.) Contact us today for more information on getting started, and try out our free online estimator for helping perfecting your budget.

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