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Q&A: Too Busy to Decorate

QAlogoDecorating can be a fun project, putting the finishing design touches on a room or home and making it truly your own is usually the last step of a redesign or renovation, but it also requires a major time and energy commitment. One which many of our clients simply aren’t able to make. Work, family, life often get in the way of decor ambitions – and leaving a space unfinished can feel frustrating and stressful. Which is why an increasingly common question we get is:

Q: I just don’t have time to take on the decorating projects I want to, are there services to help me?

A: You bet!

Not everyone has the time to decorate, some people have too many higher priorities, and some just simply don’t enjoy the process. So, let Home Planning Hawaii do it for you!

Turn over tedious browsing searches to our shopping service – we do all the work of sifting through the bad options out there to find you the good ones, all you have to do is choose. Whether you are looking for furniture in specific shades or particular types of stone to upgrade your kitchen, we will find it for you. And as always we work within your budget to find you the very best products for your money.

Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home or space and need help making sure your ideas all come together properly? Our New Home Selections package is a popular one for first time home buyers or quick sales, even experienced DIYers have used this service to make decisions before moving forward with a project. We will sit down with you and help you make smart, savvy choices for your new home, from carpet to lighting fixtures.

Bottom line? Decorating is a big project and you don’t have to get stuck doing it all on your own. Home Planning Hawaii approved architects have helped clients tackle projects as small as choosing new sconces to massive top to bottom renovations. We’re here to help you finish those decor projects and get your home looking the way you’ve been working towards for so long!

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