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Solar Energy in Your Hawaii Home

Building your ideal home should include long-term plans that go beyond designing a perfect kitchen or luxury bath. In working with your architect and contractor, make sure to invest in sustainable building choices that not only save you money but help keep Hawaii beautiful for generations to come.

Solar Panels and Green Design for Hawaii Homes

Solar panels represent the latest in green home design, and there are several was you can incorporate the newest technological advances into your architectural plans. Hawaii’s clear skies and endless sunshine make it easy to find the solar energy solution within your budget.

As you design your home, remember that traditional rooftop panels aren’t the only way to incorporate renewable energy. Solar coated windows use miniature cell structures to generate electricity when spread along a flat surface. Your windows remain transparent while generating enough energy to operate most indoor lighting systems.

Hawaii Homes and Solar Panel Aesthetics

Considering solar, but worried about the aesthetics? Ultra-thin solar panels are the latest way to incorporate solar energy without sacrificing design.  To create these unorthodox panels, photovoltaic (PV) film is layered between glass, allowing the PV modules to absorb significantly more solar energy and produce more usable electricity than ever before.

Lastly, micro-inverters are replacing bulky and inefficient large-scale inverters to increase the amount of usable energy produced while streamlining costs. While production companies are still field-testing micro-inverters, it’s worth discussing with your contractor as a future option for your home.

Not only are solar panels environmentally friendly, incentives from both state and federal government mean solar panel systems are both practical and affordable. If you work carefully with your contractor to secure all necessary permits and carefully plan your new home design, your future electricity needs may not rely on public energy. Contact us today for any building construction or architectural needs.