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Tips for Building a Perfect Beach House

Getting ready to build the perfect beach house? Whether you intend to use your seaside property as a vacation getaway or a permanent residence, you’ll love these tips for making your new space both functional and beautiful. From best materials to ideal floorplans, here are three go-to tips for beach home building!

beach house

  • Prioritize open space: Coming inside after a day at the beach doesn’t mean you should sacrifice gorgeous views and ocean breezes. Consider making central living spaces compatible for both indoor and outdoor living with sliding doors, big windows, and adjustable awnings that protect your home on rainy days. If you love hosting dinner parties and entertaining, talk to your designer or architect about incorporating an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Regardless of your lifestyle, remember that the layout of a beach front home might be different than traditional floor plans, especially if you intend to rent your space to vacationers who won’t need as much storage space but will certainly appreciate a great view.
  • Use the right materials: Coastal homes often endure high winds, intense rainy seasons, and are at a higher risk for salt and water damage. Make sure your home lasts for generations by making sure it is built using the best materials for the climate. Corrosion-resistant materials like concrete and steel will help keep your new house durable. Metal roofing is less likely to suffer from water damage or mildew, and can help keep your home cooler during the summer. Though these materials may add to your initial budget, you’ll be able to enjoy a stress-free environment without costly repairs in the future.
  • Choose the right professionals with experience in building beach-front properties. An experienced architect, contractor, and builder will know the best ways to protect your home from the elements, already understand the unique laws and building codes prevalent in coastal construction, and can help you design a home that is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing. Wondering how to find the best architect or builder? At Home Planning Hawaii, we offer free services in matching you with the best team for your project. Contact us today to get started!