Five Reasons to Consider the Transitional Style for your Next Home

If you’re building a new home and already overwhelmed at the wide scope of design choices available, you’re not alone. From traditional to mid-century modern there’s a design style for just about everyone.

But if you’re not sure whether a post-modern-eclectic or neoclassical-with-bohemian-influences style works best for you, consider looking into transitional design styles. Transitional style refers to a design approach that blends elements from both contemporary and traditional designs to create a timeless style compatible with a variety of lifestyles. 

Hallmarks of the transitional style include a balance of classic and modern design elements, adaptability, and stress-free design that appeals to a wide range of homeowners or future buyers. Interested in learning more? Here’s five more reasons to discuss this style with your architect or designer:


Transitional style homes combine the clean lines of contemporary architecture with the decorative details associated with traditional homes. The result is a home that feels effortless and timeless, as well as easily adaptable to changing styles over time. 

A transitional style home will always feel current, making costly remodels and renovations unnecessary. It’s also a great choice for homeowners who plan to sell their home for a profit in the future, since it’s already turn-key ready for the next owners.


Neutral color palettes, mixed materials, and  clean lines are staples in transitional homes. This creates a blank palette for homeowners to customize based on their personal preferences and lifestyle considerations. It’s ideal for growing families, seniors aging in place, or multigenerational families with combining a variety of furniture and decor styles. 


Open floor plans and multipurpose spaces are another hallmark of the transitional style, which creates a sense of continuity throughout the home. This also allows for homeowners to easily update their home to fit their needs over time. A transitional-style home can easily transition from play areas and family rooms to multi-generational spaces for adults and seniors aging in place.


Regardless of your personal style, every modern home relies on the latest tech to make their home as efficient and liveable as possible. From energy-efficient appliances to solar panels and design-based transitional cooling, smart-home technology is now considered standard practice in home design

Fortunately, the fluid nature of the transitional design style means integrating your preferred tech is easier than ever. Because this style draws on modern design elements, installing the latest low-water appliance or energy-efficient lighting fixture won’t clash with the overall aesthetic of the home. 

Truly Personal

Because transitional designs are a balance between traditional and contemporary styles, no two homes are exactly alike. Some incorporate more of the ornate traditional details, while others lean into the clean lines and minimalist designs associated with contemporary architecture. 

Whatever your preference, it’s easy to design a home in the transitional design style that’s truly personal to your taste—and anything but cookie-cutter. 

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