Happy Homes: What to do While Waiting to Start Construction

Deciding to build a new home is exciting, and it’s normal to want to go from signing the purchase papers to breaking ground as soon as possible. However, there’s a lot that needs to happen before construction actually begins— including making or finalizing the architectural plans, finding the right contractors and builders, and getting approval for all the necessary building permits. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do while waiting for  building to begin. Here’s three tips to get started...

Plan to Plan Ahead

Remembering that construction might not begin immediately is a key part of staying sane while waiting for construction to start. And since the permitting process in Honolulu can take months under certain circumstances, it’s a good idea to evaluate your budget to determine if hiring a third-party reviewer is the right choice for you. A licensed third-party reviewer ensures that your building plans comply with state code, and is also responsible for acquiring all the necessary permits in a timely manner, meaning you just  might be able to start building earlier than expected.

Avoid End-of-Project Decision Fatigue 

What to do while waiting for construction to begin? This is the perfect time to start making key design decisions. While the construction industry often refers to things like lighting fixtures, bathroom faucets, ceiling molding, and flooring as “finishes,” you can start making these designs early-on in the construction process. 

This helps prevent decision-fatigue, a common issue for many homeowners, especially when they start to see the light at the end of the construction tunnel. And since building a home involves making hundreds of decisions, making as many as possible in advance is a smart idea. This way, you’ll be able to make decisions based on what you truly want, not what a builder finds most convenient.  You’re also less likely to be talked into expensive and unnecessary upgrades. So while you’re waiting for a permit approval or for the builder to finish the foundation, start considering as many seemingly small decisions as possible—from the grout color for the tiles in the bathroom to the style of baseboards in the master bedroom. 

Shop Smart

Most builders and contractors offer “standard” or “builder-grade” finishes for every project— and even if you’re working with an architect to build a “custom” home, your builder might offer these finishes as part of their contract.  However, just because they are available doesn’t mean they are the best quality or  most affordable option. Spend time during the initial construction process comparison shopping to make sure you get the highest quality for your budget. From appliances to countertops and flooring, a careful shopper can often find higher quality alternatives for a better price. 

If you’re planning on bringing in your own materials or finishes, make sure your contractor is aware and that these options are written into your building contract. Some design firms or building companies only allow homeowners to pick from their own catalog of finishes, so make sure you always retain the right to make the most cost and quality effective decisions for your home. 

The initial home construction process involves a lot of patient waiting. Make the most of this time by planning ahead in order to avoid last-minute decisions. Whether you need a third-party reviewer for managing permitting or an interior designer that always knows where to find the best high-quality finishes, let Home Planning Hawaii help you find the right experts for your project. Contact us today for more info, or use our free online-estimator to get started on your budget. 

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