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Ever look at residential floorplans and wonder what they’ll really look like in “real life?” Wondering if anyone really ever uses that enormous kitchen, or that half bath off the living room? Planning on building a home in Hawaii where space is often at a premium and small to mid-size homes dominate the market? You need a floorplan that maximizes every square inch of space. Fortunately, maximizing your floorplan doesn’t mean giving up your ideas of what makes a dream home. Here’s three tips for making the most of your floorplan, no matter what the square footage.

First, create a floor path and a floorplan. Designs for a new home might look great on paper only to function poorly in execution. Want to avoid building a beautiful but disorganized home? Make sure you can map a clear floor path through the home that works for you, your family, any potential guests. Does accessing the outdoor living space require guests to walk through a private bedroom, or is there a more convenient entry from the living room? Can all members of the family access shared bathrooms easily? Can you bring in groceries from the garage quickly and efficiently, or does your floorplan require you to move through two different doorways and up a flight of stairs? Creating floor paths through your design plans can help ensure your home works in reality as well as on paper.Borrow space: If you’re working with limited square footage, borrow space from transition or limited-use areas like hallways, entryways or foyers, guest rooms, or half-baths. These spaces likely won’t miss a few inches of space, but your master suite, kitchen, or even laundry room will definitely benefit. One exception to this rule? Minimizing hallways and bathrooms if you hope to keep your home accessible for elderly family members who may need wider hallways to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. For homes that need to remain accessible to all members of a multigenerational family, borrow space from laundry rooms, offices, or guest-room closets.Lastly, plan for the future: Whether it’s planning for future kids, grandparents, or even the return of adult children, multigenerational families are on the rise, especially in Hawaii. That’s why it’s critical that new home builders plan for a potentially non-traditional living environment. And while it’s impossible to plan for every potential scenario, a well-designed floorplan should accommodate a variety of scenarios, without requiring major renovations. Single-level plantation or bungalow style home are great for homeowners concerned about limiting accessibility with stairways, and adding a small but functional en suite bathroom to a second bedroom can provide privacy and independence for families living with grandparents or adult children.In order to fully maximize your floorplan, you’ll want to work with the best architects and designers, and we’re here to help! From finding the right builder to designing a unique floorplan custom-made for you and your needs, let us help make the home building process easier and more convenient than ever. Contact us today for quotes, permitting resources, and tips for getting started on your next home.

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